Unidentified Photos

The following pictures have been taken from the collection of Robert David Hamilton and are most likely to be of various members of the Head family, although the Cresswell, Black, Johnston, Jackson, Watson and Harslett families cannot be ruled out. If anybody looking at these pictures has any suggestions then please e-mail me.


Enid Mary, aged 14 months
Photo taken by Ernest Pearce,
76, Church Street, Stoke Newington

1907 (written on back of picture)

Taken by F.C.Secourable,
57 Queens Road, Peckham
Are we related to Vincent Van Gogh?

Another mystery man

Two unnamed beauties



What about this officer?
The uniform looks to be tropical issue, possibly Royal Navy.

A police officer...
Medals are Edward VII 1903 Visit to Ireland,
Coronation (Police) medal of 1902, and may be the Coronation medal (1902) in bronze.

Whose wedding is this? Date ca 1917/18
Is the groom the policeman above? I think so.
On the ground far right is Florrie Hamilton


The next three pictures have been taken from the collection of Robert Percival Cresswell and could be various members of the Cresswell or Watson families.

These pictures are taken in India, both are signed
"Dear Robert from Eddie 19.7.1894"
Eddie who? Watson possibly?

This picture was taken in Belfast, and signed
"To Alex from Bob, with fondest love"
This would be Alex Cresswell - presumably the man in mufti. Who are the others?
Is it the wedding of Bob Hall and Annie?

This next picture comes from a Cresswell descendant in America.

Could this possibly be Jane Croswell
(née Mape)?
The age and time period look right.

This next picture was taken by James Peyton Hamilton probably in the late 1930s.

The man has a Cresswell look about him.